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Wet Brush Detangle Professional

Wet Brush Detangle Professional



This is an ideal brush for people who may get tangles, the wet brush is fantastic for helping to gently brush out the tangles which will also help to keep your hair healthier. The exclusive bristles are strong yet thin enough to gently glide through the hair, this brush is so helpful to help avoid pulling and tugging of the hair.

This easy to hold handle which has a soft rubber feel makes it easier to get a glide from the top right down to the tips of the hair, the brush is ideal for sensitive scalps the twice dipped bristles allow to help allow a softer feel and to help keep them in place.

This brush comes highly recommended not just for brushing but also to help style the hair, the rubber handle allows a better grip making it easier to help style the hair. The brush helps to promote healthier hair by decreasing split ends and hair loss by not pulling and tugging the hair.

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