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Vitabiotics WELLKID Multi-Vitamin Smart Chewable
Vitabiotics WELLKID Multi-Vitamin Smart Chewable

Vitabiotics WELLKID Multi-Vitamin Smart Chewable



Wellkid Multi-vitamin Smart Chewable has been produced with children's specific needs in mind to provide a comprehensive range of 21 nutrients to help safeguard your child's nutritional intake. It comes in an all-natural excellent tasting mixed fruit flavour.


Wellkid Smart Chewable includes Vitamins A, C and D, healthcare professionals recommend that all children up to the age of 5 years should be given a supplement that contains these vitamins.

  • Vitamin D is needed for normal growth and development of bone in children and is included in the preferred form vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) which is naturally produced by the skin when exposed to direct sunlight. Bones get stronger when used and any kind of physical exercise is great for your kids such as walking, running, hiking, dancing, tennis, basketball, gymnastics, and soccer. Children who tend to play outside will also have higher vitamin D levels.
  • Wellkid Smart Chewable also includes iodine which contributes to normal growth in children and iron which contributes to normal cognitive development in children.
  • Wellkid Smart Chewable is low in sugar and contains Xylitol, a naturally occurring sweetener which is kind to teeth.
  • Wellkid has not been tested on animals.
  • Does not contain any artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, lactose, gluten, salt or yeast.

Children aged 4 to 12 years: Chew one tablet daily, preferably take with a main meal. These chewable tablets are not designed to be swallowed whole. Do not exceed the recommended intake. 

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