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Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier



This product is currently out of stock

Unfortunately this product is no longer in stock, however we do have the Lanaform Charly Humidifier available. You can read my full review of the Lanaform Charly Humidifer here.

We have launched this product on the WonderBaba site as a replacement to our old favourite - the Vick Warm Steam Vapouriser.  I was hesitant to go with a humidifier after such success with the vapouriser but I have been extremely pleasantly surprised by this product! This is possibly as I don't actually think this product is technically a humidifier (which works by producing mist by a rotating disc as far as I can see from research) it is actually a vapouriser as it works by heating water with a heating element to produce steam!

In any case its brilliant - it's definitely a step up in terms of functionality, ease of use, ease of cleaning than the older "vapouriser" model.

• 95% bacteria-free warm moisture for soothing relief of cough and congestion symptoms
• Quiet operation
• Two settings for ideal comfort (low or high)
• Night-light allows humidifier to be seen in the dark.
• Medicine cup for the addition of inhalant such as olbas oil for children (from three months)
• Designed to be used with VapoPads to release soothing vapors
• Automatic shutoff ( if tank is full it will last over night)

Many of the parts are dishwasher friendly which completely reduces the cleaning effort required for this product!

Full review over on my products review section

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