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Veet Wax Strips Easy Grip (20)

Veet Wax Strips Easy Grip (20)



These wax strips are made for sensitive skin, the strip removes hair from nearer the root than shaving so it can last longer, veet strips offer up to four weeks of smoothness and legs that feel exfoliated. The strips are blended with a sensitive but soothing Almond oil and Vitamin E which will help your legs feet soft and silky for the four weeks.

These strips have an easy grip, this allows an easier movement when pulling off the strip. The strips can be applied to hair as short as 1.5mm, the strips are ideal for the legs and the body.

To use the strips, rub a double wax strip between your hands untill it becomes easier to seperate, once seperated apply the strips to the skin and rub firmly on to the strip several times, once ready to take off, hold your skin and with the easy grip pull the strip againist the direction of your hair, after removing clean away any left over wax with the wipes.

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