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Vaseline Spray & Go Aloe Fresh Body Moisturiser (190ml)

Vaseline Spray & Go Aloe Fresh Body Moisturiser (190ml)



This handy new product has been designed to make moisturising quick and easy, the non greasey product releases essential moistire onto the skin. The easy spray bottle allows you to moisturise your skin in seconds, the spray is quickly absorbed and clothes can be applied seconds after.

The spray will leave the skin feeling soft and healthy without leaving a sticky or greasy residue, this spray contains Pure Aloe + Stratys which is designed to help soothe the skin and can be very refreshing for sun burn. The spray comes out evenly onto your skin, leaving your whole body moisturised, this is a multi layer moisture.

For best results of this product, spray directly onto the skin from at least 10cm away from you, once sprayed just give a little rub to the skin and its done!

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