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Uriage Soin Peri-Oral Anti-Irritation Cream (30ml)

Uriage Soin Peri-Oral Anti-Irritation Cream (30ml)



This cream has been specially designed for the mouth area, the cream works to remove bacteria and any redness that can be easily caused around the babies mouth area. The cream is brilliant for dribbiling, the product will soothe any discomfort of the area and get straight to work to soothe the area.

The copper and zinc will help remove any bacteria from the area and help to keep it from infection. This product wont just soothe the mouth area it will also work to improve the natural skins barrier to help this not to happen again.

This product can be used on all skin types, the product contains its healing thermal water which comes from France, the thermal spa water is an active ingredient. This product is Hypoallergenic.  

To use this cream apply to the mouth area 2-3 times a day onto cleansed dry skin.

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