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Slumber Bear Original

Slumber Bear Original



These famous adorable bears have been around since 1978, the slumber bear is the perfect bear for your little ones. The bear works by playing soothing sounds for the baby to help them get to sleep, this is the only bear that has an actual recording of inside a womb to help baby relax and hear a familiar noise.

The clever bears will play relaxing and soothing womb sounds for five minutes and then switch off to save batteries, the bears have a sound and motion sensor so when the sensor goes off the sounds begin to play to gently soothe your baby back to sleep within minutes.

The bears now come with a silkie with can be scented with parents scent to ease baby of reassurance that the parents are still there. This product comes highly recommended and can be used from birth.

The bear easily fits alongside baby in moses basket/cot.

This set comes with:

  • Motion and sound sensor
  • Sound box in bears tummy
  • 4 AAA batteries
  • Silkie.
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