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Salin Plus Filter Sale
Salin Plus Filter Sale
Salin Plus Filter Sale

Salin Plus Filter Sale

WAS €44.95 now 39.95


** There is a 5-10 day shipping delay on all Salin Plus products due to delivery schedule interuption as a result of BREXIT.  You can still place your order and we assure you we will ship it as soon as our next delivery arrives. We hope this delay will be resolved by the 25th January**

Changing the Salin® Plus Filter

The following procedure must be used when changing your Salin® Plus Replacement Filter:

Unplug the AC/DC adaptor from the main voltage supply.
Remove the plug from the DC input jack in the back of the device.
Remove the lid and then pull out the filter.
Put back carefully a new filter into proper slots and put back the lid.
Renew the device's supply.
** Read the instructions of the filters carefully before making this operation.

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