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Revive Active JUNIOR Sachets 20's
Revive Active JUNIOR Sachets 20's

Revive Active JUNIOR Sachets 20's



As your child begins to grow, their bodies need immune support along with vitamins and minerals which will lead to healthy development. Junior Revive is the best way to protect their immune system and provide them with all the goodness they need for optimal growth.


  • Enriched with 18 essential vitamins & minerals, including Iron, Copper & Vitamins B, C, D & A to support your children’s immune system, growing bones, mental performance & heart health. Starting each school day with Junior Revive means you can be sure your child is getting the best start to their day with less sick days & more learning!
  • With Prebiotic Fibre & Probiotic (Bascullus Coagulans) Gut Health is more important than ever with the variety of food in our diets – Junior Revive contains both a pre and probiotic for all round gut health.
  • Junior Revive also contains Wellmune which is derived from bakers yeast & has been clinically proven to naturally strengthen immune cells that keep the body healthy. Wellmune also supports muscle development & reduces inflammation. 
  • No flavour, no fuss, just all the goodness of 18 essential minerals & vitamins delivered every morning in one convenient sachet. This means you can have a simple routine every school morning, getting your child’s daily vitamins in before the school day starts. Simply pour in & stir – no fuss over the flavour just happy, healthy children.
  • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, diabetics & coeliacs.

DIRECTIONS: Children aged 5-12 years

  • Junior Revive contains 20 unflavoured sachets designed to be taken Monday to Friday before school. The unflavoured formulation allows you to add it into their favourite juice or water with no fuss. Can also be sprinkled on cereal.
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