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Revive Active JOINT COMPLEX 7 Sachets

Revive Active JOINT COMPLEX 7 Sachets



Revive Active Joint Complex treats the causes of arthritis, aching knees, joint discomfort and loss of flexibility. With a scientifically formulated combination of 10 natural ingredients such as Marine collagen which supports the cartilage in joints like the knees, hips and hands and also provides support for bones and connective tissues.

It also contains Glucosamine, an organic compound which research has shown to improve joint flexibility. MSM is a natural compound found in healthy cartilage around the fluid in the joints, this helps keep cartilage healthy as we grow older and it is also a powerful anti-inflamatory. Hyaluronic Acid which will lubricate joints; it’s also a natural support structure of the skin. Other key ingredients are Copper, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Boron.

Take one sachet mixed with approximately 330mls of water or juice in the morning before food. If you are taking Revive Active Joint Complex along with Revive Active, we recommend continuing taking Revive Active first thing in the morning and then take Revive Active Joint Complex later in the day after food or before bed at night.

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