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Putty Buddies Ear Plugs

Putty Buddies Ear Plugs



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From the makers of Ear Band-it®, Putty Buddies® are soft, comfortable silicone ear plugs available in a variety of colours.

Made from our special patented Flo-Tek® silicone formula, the extra soft silicone means more comfort and a better fit. The extra tacky texture keeps ear plugs in place for maximum effectiveness.. Putty Buddies® Floating Silicone Ear Plugs are great for the pool, bathing and showering. They float easily on water so they can always be found if dropped or dislodged!

Each pack contains a plastic carrying case which includes their own special Putty Buddies® cartoon animal character.

Recommended by physician’s for prevention of swimmer’s ear or for kids with grommets
Softer silicone for a more comfortable fit
Tacky texture to allow plugs to remain in position better
Bright colors are appealing to kids – and easy to find in the pool or the bath

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