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PrecisionBiotics Alflorex Immune Tablets 30’s

PrecisionBiotics Alflorex Immune Tablets 30’s



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Alflorex Immune combines the unique PB-VIR culture, a targeted bacterial culture formulated with extra strength Vitamin D3 to support a healthy immune system. It was discovered by PrecisionBiotics and has been the focus of research since 2010.

The PB-VIR culture is a naturally occurring and safe bacterial strain, belonging to the Bifidobacterium longum species; these are types of bacteria passed from mother to baby at birth. 
Alflorex Immune contains 400 international units of vitamin D (i.e. 10 μg cholecalciferol or vitamin D3)
Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Soya Free
Does not need to be refrigerated.

DIRECTIONS: Alflorex Immune tablets dissolve on the tongue with a pleasant strawberry & banana flavour.

Adults & Children over 3 years: Take one tablet daily and let it dissolve slowly in the mouth. Alflorex Immune can be taken at any time of the day. 


Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after taking an Alflorex® Immune tablet.
If you are prescribed a course of antibiotics, it is best to take the dose of the antibiotic at a different time of day to when you take your daily Alflorex Immune tablet.
Please consult your doctor or pharmacist before use if you are pregnant, elderly, asthmatic, taking any other prescription medications, regular medicines or receiving regular treatment.

Ingredients: PB-VIR™ culture and vitamin D3. It also contains mild strawberry and banana flavourings, sucralose, isomalt, cellulose microcrystalline and magnesium stearate


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