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PHYTORELIEF-CC Immune Support Lozenges 12's

PHYTORELIEF-CC Immune Support Lozenges 12's



PHYTORELIEF-CC Immune Support Lozenges 12's are packed with phyto-active ingredients: Ginger, Turmeric & Pomegranate which work together to help prevent the onset of cold, cough or flu related symptoms by enhancing the body’s natural immunity against bacteria and viruses. PhytoRelief-CC is shown to reduce the frequency of infection by the common cold virus by 70% and the duration of symptoms by 37%


  • Anti-Microbial Action
  • Anti-Inflammatory Action
  • Analgesic Action
  • Immunity Boosting Action


Adults & Children over 12 years: Consider taking Phytorelief-CCTM when the first symptoms of cold or cough appear, gently allow to disolve in the mouth over time. Recommended dosage of 3 lozenges per day.





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