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Opticrom Allergy Single Dose 2% w/v Eye Drops 20’s

Opticrom Allergy Single Dose 2% w/v Eye Drops 20 Pack



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Opticrom Allergy Single Dose Eye Drops are an anti-allergy eye drop used to relieve and treat eye allergies such as ‘perennial allergic conjunctivitis’ – this can happen at any time of the year and ‘hay fever’ or ‘seasonal allergic conjunctivitis’ – this happens in different seasons and is caused by different pollens. Opticrom Allergy contains sodium cromoglicate which acts quickly to stop symptoms such as itchy, watery, red or inflamed eyes and puffy eyelids.

DIRECTIONS: Always use this medicine exactly as described in the instructions or as your doctor or pharmacist has told you.

Adults & Children: One or two drops in each eye, up to 4 times daily
Contact lens wearers: If you wear contact lenses, you should remove them before using Opticrom then wait 15 minutes before putting your contact lenses back in.


  • Please consult your doctor or pharmacist before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any other prescription medications, regular medicines or receiving regular treatment.
  • Please read the enclosed leaflet carefully.
  • This product may cause blurred vision. You should not drive or operate machinery until you are sure you are not affected.
  • Like all medicines, Opticrom Allergy can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. If you think you have any side effects or symptoms, stop using this medicine immediately and see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Keep the single dose containers in the aluminium sachet in order to protect from light. After opening the aluminum sachet, throw away any remaining contents after 28 days.
  • Once opened, use the single-dose container immediately. After use, throw away the container and any medicine left in it – do not use again. This is because the Opticrom Single Dose container is sterile and preservative-free.
  • ALWAYS keep out of reach and sight of children.


  • ​​If you are allergic to sodium cromoglicate or any of the other ingredients of this medicine.
  • Do not give this medicine to children younger than 6 years of age.

INGREDIENTS: The active substance is sodium cromoglicate. Each single dose container contains 20 mg/ml of sodium cromoglicate. The other ingredients are sodium chloride and purified water.

Read the patient information leaflet here! 


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