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NUK Happy Days Soothers 18-36m SILICONE

NUK Happy Days Soothers 18-36m SILICONE



NUK Happy Days Soothers have a specially designed orthodontic profile that adapts to the shape of baby’s mouth. This helps to exercise the lips, tongue and facial muscles, which promotes the healthy development of teeth and jaw. The flat shape of these soothers helps prevent pressure marks and also stops the soother from falling out of baby’s mouth.


  • The NUK Air System helps to ensure the mouthpiece remains soft and flexible
  • Integrated grooves enable saliva to flow away from baby’s mouth, preventing skin irritations.
  • Made from soft-flex silicone, which is extremely flexible yet bite resistant. 
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) free.

To sterilise soothers we recommend using steam, cold water sterilisation or a NUK Steriliser (dishwasher sterilisation is not recommended as this can cause material damage).

The soother box can be cleaned hygienically in the microwave oven within 4 minutes. following these instructions: First, fill each side of the box with 20ml water and put in the pacifier. Close the box and heat on 700-1000W for 4 minutes. The steam in this process prepares the pacifier hygienically. Leave the microwave closed for another 5 minutes. Empty out any water remaining. Leave soothers to dry in the open box. 


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