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Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash 100ml

Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash 100ml



This deep cleansing face wash will help to deeply cleanse your pores, it will leave your face feeling soft and deeply cleansed. This product contains Chamomile and Witch Hazel which releases goodnes for the skin but also sensitive to the skin, this product will help to remove any dry or rough skin that could be building up.

The product helps to wash away any impurities and prevent break outs, the wash has been specially designed for men leaving a delightful fragrance. This product is extremly gentle and contains no alcohol, this is an ideal face scrub for skin that can tend to get irritated. This product is designed for sensitive irritated skin, the product promises not to dry out the skin but to heal and moisturise the skin.

This product protects againist tightness and will leave the skin feeling relaxed and clear. This product can be used twice daily for best results massaged onto a wet face and then rinse with clean water.

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