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Nitty Gritty Head Lice Defense Spray

Nitty Gritty Head Lice Defense Spray



 It's a carefully chosen blend of natural ingredients with a gentle and lovely lavender perfume, that keeps everyone's hair fragranced, soft, shiny de-tangled and in tip-top condition. It's an eco- and family-friendly 250ml atomiser spray that lasts for ages and ages and ages.

It works because their sense of smell is believed to play a part in the way that head lice detect the presence of a potential new host. We have chosen ingredients, in particular Neem oil, which are known to be insect repellents and which lice just don't like. So because they don't like the smell of the new potential host who has been 'spritzed with Nitty Gritty Defence Spray, they stay put on their existing host.
The distinction between our human natural aromas seems to be why some children, for example, can remain uninfested even when all of their brothers, sisters and parents have hundreds of the little monsters crawling all over them!
As well as Neem oil, the other active ingredients are T Tree oil, which also has known insect repellent properties, and Lavender oil, which we use to neutralise the smell of the Neem Oil, which is not just unpleasant to lice, but to us humans as well. So we neutralise the odour of the Neem oil just enough for it not to be offensive to us, but enough to deter the lice.

Everyone's hair has its own unique aroma – and just like mosquitoes, head lice use their sense of smell to detect the presence of 'new' hair during even very brief head-to-head contact. Our Spray doesn't just keep your hair in great condition, it also messes up their 'radar'; by masking your hair's unique aroma it encourages head lice to stay on their existing host rather than migrate.

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