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Mouthie Mitten
Mouthie Mitten

Mouthie Mitten



We love the Mouthie Mitten! Its lighter than other teething gloves and is easier to get on to wriggly hands :)

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The Mouthie Mitten Teether is a “handy” teething solution that prevents the constant dropping of teething toys. It provides easy access pain relief for teething babies who are still learning consistent grip and direction and protects the hands from irritation due to chewing.


The Mouthie Mitten is made with food grade silicone and soft, breathable, water resistant fabric and is BPA and phthalate-free.


  • A textured flexible silicone surface provides soothing teething relief.
  • Easy hand to mouth access for baby.
  • Secure adjustable strap.
  • Protects baby's hands from excess saliva and chewing.
  • Interchangeable - can be worn on whichever hand baby prefers.
  • The Mouthie Mitten will keep your baby entertained with its crinkle noise, black and white pattern and bright, colorful enhancements.


  • Hands-free for parents and great for travel in the stroller or car seat.
  • Comes with a wash/travel bag. 
  • Designed for babies 3 months - 12 months. Suggested wear is from 3 months - 8 months.
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