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MooGoo Natural Fresh Cream Deodorant 60ml

MooGoo Natural Fresh Cream Deodorant 60ml



MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant is made from an alkaline 100% aluminium free formula which works by allowing perspiration (which is odourless) and controlling odour causing bacteria. No bacteria, no smell.


  • An aluminium-free, roll-on, natural deodorant
  • Free of aluminium due to our concerns about aluminium in antiperspirants
  • Slightly alkaline formula prevents odour causing bacteria from growing
  • Free from over-powering essential oils that mask odour and can cause irritation
  • Made with Milk of Magnesia and a light, fresh Lemon Myrtle scent
  • Naturally preserved with Hops Extract – free of Parabens and Phenoxyethanol
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