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MEDISANA Humidifier

Medisana Humidifier



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The Medisana AH662 Air Humidifier uses ultrasound technology to improve the breathing air quality.  It is quiet and uses energy saving, ultrasound technology which converts water into a fine mist by oscillation.  This increases the moisture level of the air which can reduce susceptibility to respiratory diseases and helps reduce fatigue.

Healthy air should have a relative atmospheric humidity of 40-55%.  By increasing the humidity of fry air you can prevent mucous membranes and skin from druing out.  This device will work in a room up to a maximum area of 8 square meters.

Please note – this is a product designed for use only when you need it.  Over use can result in saturation of the room with moisture which can affect the walls, windows and objects in the room.  If you feel that the air has reached adequate humidity then turn off the device.


It is easy to use.
It has an aroma compartment which means that essential oils can be added to further aid respiratory symptoms.
It shuts off automatically when the device is empty so you can go to bed knowing that it will turn itself off.  If you only want it to run for a few hours then just quarter fill the device.  If you want it to run throughout the night then fill the tank and it will last for 15 hours.
It has a simple visual water level indicator which lights up blue when full and red when empty.
It uses fresh drinking water.
Ensure it is out of reach of children and that it is on a firm postion on the floor.
It is durable and does not break easily.


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