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MediMates Diabetes Wristband

MediMates Diabetes Wristband



This wristband is ideal for people who may have Diabetes, this product is well designed with bright colours and a fun little character on the front. The wristband is latex free and has an adjustable strap to help get a more secure fitting, the length on the wristband is 7" long.

The funky design is brilliant for people who may have Diabetes, the bright colours make it easy to spot and can also be a gentle reminder to the child and the carer. The product is brilliant for raising awarness of Diabetes, if an emergency does occur the bright wristband will highlight your childs needs to other adults and childrens.

The cool product is highly recommended as an awarness wristband, the design is bright and colourful to help raise awarness the wristband clearly reads "Diabetes" on the front along with a fun little character. The fashionable wristband is extremly helpful and useful.

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