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Medicare femSense Ovulation Tracker

Medicare femSense ovulation tracker patch and app.



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Track and confirm ovulation with the discreet and comfortable Medicare femSense Ovulation Tracker Patch and App.

  • The smart sensor patch is worn for a maximum of seven days – during the fertile window. This is detected based on when the last period was entered in the app. As soon as the patch is applied and activated, the 24/7 measurement begins. This data is then transferred from the patch to the phone when scanned using NFC (contactless).
  • Precise measurement and an intelligent algorithm mean that Medicare femSense® can detect the tiny increase in body temperature caused by ovulation. Medicare femSense® can then inform the user, via the app, that ovulation has been detected and the patch can be removed.
  • It is recommended that the patch is scanned at least twice a day, morning and evening. The longer the Medicare femSense® system is used, the more accurate it becomes.
  • By wearing the patch and closely observing several menstrual cycles, Medicare femSense® can not only detect the fertile phase, but precisely define it – individually tailored to each and every user.
  • The Medicare femSense app not only guides you every step of the way through your cycle, keeping you informed on your fertility status, it also functions as a cycle diary, allowing you to keep a record of many other aspects of your cycle and lifestyle.

Easy to Use
User Registration and Login:

  1. Download the Medicare femSense App.
  2. Register your details and follow the steps as instructed and login.
  3. The “Today” screen will tell you when your fertile window is; this is when you need to wear the patch.

Applying and Activating the Patch:

  1. Clean and dry your skin thoroughly before applying the patch. Do not shave, apply deodorant, creams or lotions to the area.
  2. Place one hand on your hip and relax your shoulder. Apply the patch horizontally so it is placed below your armpit at a distance of three fingers wide
  3. To activate the patch, select “Read Patch” in the app and hold the back of your phone to the centre of the patch. A vibration will confirm successful activation.

Read the information leaflet here!

It is not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use and does not display temperature curves.



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