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Medicare BURN Dressing
Medicare BURN Dressing

Medicare BURN Dressing



Medicare Burn Dressing is a sterile foam based dressing in a soothing burn gel. 


  • For instant relief from burns, scalds and sunburn
  • Protects against infection.
  • Minimises trauma and skin damage.
  • Provides Pain relief.
  • Promotes healing, moistens, cools and soothes.
  • Non-Adherent and Non-Toxic.


  • Open sachet and remove dressing.
  • Gently lay the dressing across the burn site.
  • Squeeze any remaining gel from the sachet onto the dressing (Do Not Rub).
  • Do not cover, the dressing may be secured using a conforming bandage.
  • Gel can be rinsed off if necessary.
  • Seek medical attention if required.
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