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Kidz Biotix Chewable Blackcurrant Flavour Tablets (30)

Kidz Biotix Chewable Blackcurrant Flavour Tablets (30)



These chewable tablets have been specially designed for children, the probiotics is to help get the healthy bacteria back into your childs system.

The tablets are all indivually sealed for allow freshness for longer, the active bacteria in these tablets is Lyophilised which is put into the yummy chewable tablet.

The tablet is a blackcurrant flavour and can be taken for the age of 1, It's recommended from the ages of 1-3 for it to be crushed into there drink or food. For children over the age of 3 one or two tablets can be taken daily, these are chewable tablets and are to be chewed before digesting.

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