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Deep Heat pain Relief Heat Patch

Deep Heat pain Relief Heat Patch


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This is an odourless patch that gets to work within one minute reaching maxium temperature within 5 minutes. This is a drug free patch that can be used directly on to the skin, the long lasting patch is ideal for muscular pain and stiffness.

This patch can be used for musclar pain, strains, joints and stiffness. The easy to use patch can be placed on the back, hip, calf, arm, hip, neck and shoulders. These amazing patches work by increasing the blood flow to the area this will help supply oxygen and nutrients to help you get a speedy recovery.

To use this patch apply to a clean and dry area, apply directly to the skin, the patch lasts up to 8 hours but can supply a pain relief 8 hours after.

Choose between a 2 or 4 pack.



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