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Colief Infant Drops



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Colief Infant Drops are lactase enzyme drops which are safe to use from birth and are free from sugar.  These drops reduce the lactose content of breastmilk or formula when added to it, this can help to alleviate discomfort from transient lactase deficiency which can result in digestive discomfort. These drops may help to reduce digestive discomfort in your baby by breaking down most of the lactose in their usual milk which makes it more digestible for them.

Colief can be used at each feed until your baby is approx 3-4 months of age.

To use it with breastmilk first add four drops to a few tablespoons of expressed milk and give this to your baby prior to a breast feed.

To use it with formula add four drops to warmed formula and feed your baby as normal.


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