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ClevaMama ClevaScoop Infant Formula Scoop

ClevaMama ClevaScoop Infant Formula Scoop



The Clevamama CLEVASCOOP Infant Formula Scoop  is a handy product which prepares the most accurate feed for your baby, saving you time, money and most of all, patience!  

Reduce the health risks associated with over or underfeeding your baby by using the ClevaScoop. One easy scoop action is all it takes to prepare your baby’s bottle the right way every time. The patented BPA-free ClevaScoop® was developed in collaboration with the world’s leading infant formula research lab and is proven to be more accurate when tested against all other formula scoops.

Using the ClevaScoop® is easy: use the dial-action to set the scoop to the size feed you are preparing and make your bottle with confidence. The spatula and funnel lets you level off the feed and pour it into the bottle. No waste, no mess, no worries.

ClevaMama® worked with the world renowned Moorepark Research and Innovation Centre throughout the development of the ClevaScoop®.  Moorepark is one of the world’s most reputable knowledge centres on infant formula, working with the worlds leading brands of infant formula and the WHO to ensure excellence through innovation.

Compatible with most leading brands of infant formula from 0-12 months including Aptamil First Baby Milk – 1, Aptamil Growing Up – 2, Cow and Gate 1, Cow and Gate 2, Cow and Gate 3, Enfamil Gentlease, Enfamil Premium Infant, Gerber Good Start, HEB Baby, Hipp first, Hipp Hungry, Milupa Aptamil, Nutricia Cow and Gate, Similac Advance, SMA Toddler-3, SMA, SMA Gold-1, Top Care Baby Premium, Top Care Baby Soy

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