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ClevaMama ClevaFeed

ClevaMama ClevaFeed



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This is a cool little product which includes a comfy handle and a safe silicone container for holding foods for your weaning baby.  The handle is easy to grip and will allow your baby to move the silicone around their mouth to experience the tasty new flavour of your selected food! Using this device allows your baby to benefit from dexterity development through their independant feeding but removes the risk of choking which many mums and dads fear when it comes to baby led weaning.

The silicone is easy to clean unlike any of its competitors which have a mesh holder which dirties and stains with food contact.  The silicone is BPA free and safe for your baby to chew on.

I'd advise starting with foods like banana, melon and soft peach in the holder but you can also use steamed veg or anything you fancy that you think is soft enough to escape out of the holes with chewing for them to eat!

The pack contains an extra teat which is handy for those moments when you havent quite gotten to washing up by the next meal!!


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