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Childrens Earplanes

Childrens Earplanes



These ear plugs relieve ear discomfort when flying and alleviate that 'popping feeling by regulating air pressure using,  the exclusive CeramX™ filter.   They are made of latex free silicone and are a drug free option of providing your child with relief from pressure during take off and landing.  There is one pair in a pack.  They can be used for children from 1-11 years of age.  They are also useful as they block out some of the overpowering noise created by the planes engines - but do not fully block ot sound so emergency announcements can still be heard.

The directions for use of the manufacturer are as follows:

Before Inserting, pinch nose and blow. For best results, ALWAYS insert EarPlanes one Hour BEFORE landing. Remove AFTER landing and when cabin door is opened. Chronic sufferers may ALSO insert EarPlanes just BEFORE takeoff. EarPlanes may be removed when the airplane reaches MAXIMUM altitude and reinserted one hour BEFORE landing. For maximum results, use your opposite hand to pull the top of your ear upward. Insert the ribbed end and turn like a corkscrew until snug.

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