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CB12 Boost Chewing Gum 10's

CB12 Boost Chewing Gum 10's



CB12 Boost is a unique, sugar-free chewing gum with patented technology and double action. CB12 Boost simultaneously provides a cool minty flavour and prevents bad breath. Use CB12 Boost when necessary during the day as a complement to CB12 mouthwash. It's perfect for instantly refreshing your breath and convenient to carry in your pocket or bag.

  • Contains zinc for reducing the volatile sulphur gases (VSCs) that cause bad breath
  • With fluoride that contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralisation.
  • Contains xylitol for inhibiting plaque growth.
  • Strong mint flavour
  • Sugar free

Suggested use: Up to 5 pieces a day. CB12 Boost is recommended for daily use from the age of 12.

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