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BlueIron 330ml

BlueIron 330ml



Blueiron is suitable for children and adults. One great-tasting dose delivers all the iron your body needs with additional superfood goodness, direct from Finland’s pure and pristine landscapes.  For children the most important thing is that this stuff tastes really good!

The unique delivery system enables your body to absorb exactly the amount of iron it needs in a gentle and well-tolerated formula. Tiredness and headaches are banished, body and mind are energised.

As a little added extra, each bottle is packed with wild Nordic blueberries, nature’s number one superfood. Every spoonful is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that optimize health, boost immunity and beautify skin.

Reduces tiredness and fatigue
Boosts immunity
Enhances performance
Gentle on the stomach
Tastes great

Dosage information:

Adults: 2 x5ml teaspoons per day

Children (11+ years): 2 x5ml per day

Children (7 –10 years): 1 x5ml teaspoonful per day

Children (3 –6 years): ½ x5ml teaspoonful per day

Blueiron is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. Blueiron is especially beneficial to those who do not eat meat or fish, as they may be at higher risk of Iron deficiency.

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