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BioXtra Dry Mouth Ultra Mild Mouthrinse 250ml

BioXtra Dry Mouth Ultra Mild Mouthrinse 250ml



BioXtra Dry Mouth Ultra Mild Mouthrinse provides soothing, gentle and protective care for dry, sensitive and sore mouths. This alcohol free formula with powerful oral enyzmes and flouride protection will provide rapid relief and has a mild pleasant flavour.

  • Rapid relief from dry mouth
  • Improves oral health and hygiene and promotes fresh breath
  • Provides a gentle antimicrobial solution to rinsing
  • Guards against dental plaque and cavities
  • Supplements saliva's natural protective mechanisms
  • Helps the mouth to heal itself
  • Promotes a healthy pH level in the mouth
  • Safe for long term use
  • Free from Alcohol and Menthol


  • Adults & Children aged 6 years and older: after brushing teeth, rinse with approx 10ml for 30 seconds then spit out. No need to rinse with water. Do not exceed 5 times per day.


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