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BioXtra Dry Mouth Mild Toothpaste 50ml

BioXtra Dry Mouth Mild Toothpaste 50ml



BioXtra Dry Mouth Mild Toothpaste gently supplements natural saliva and the mild tasting formulation guards against plaque build-up, strengthens enamel, helps prevent the formation of dental caries and eases the symptoms of a dry, sore mouth. It helps maintain a healthy mouth and promote fresh breath.

  • Helps prevent inflamed gums
  • Promotes the mouths natural healing processes
  • Improves oral health while maintaining fresh breath
  • Low foaming effect
  • Alcohol-free for added comfort

​DIRECTIONS: Brush teeth & gums twice daily with a soft toothbrush, Children aged 6 years and younger should brush with a pea sized amount and minimise swallowing.


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