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Avent Nipple Protectors (Shields)
Avent Nipple Protectors (Shields)
Avent Nipple Protectors (Shields)

Avent Nipple Protectors (Shields)



Avent Nipple Protectors are made from soft, ultra fine, odourless, taste free silicone that will protect sore and cracked nipples to help you to continue to breastfeed for longer.


  • Easy latch-on for your baby : Your baby can easily latch on through the shield and create a seal.
  • Made with odourless, taste-free, ultra-fine silicone : Avent Nipple Protectors are made of an odourless, tasteless, ultra-fine silicone.
  • Help protect sore nipples during breastfeeding : Avent Nipple Protectors are only designed for use when you have sore or cracked nipples and should be used with health professional advice.
  • Shaped to allow skin contact with baby : Your baby can still feel and smell your skin and continue to stimulate your milk supply while suckling, and will return easily to the breast once your nipples have healed.

There are two standard size 21mm protectors in each pack.

Check out for more advice on how to use breast protectors.

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