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AllerMates Gluten Free Lunch Bag

AllerMates Gluten Free Lunch Bag



This lunch bag is ideal for people who may have a wheat gluten free diet, this lunch bag is bright green with orange zips. Inside is an eco friendly liner which helps to keep contents cool throughout the day, also comes with an allergy card to help make people more aware of the allergy.

This funky deisgn is brilliant for children who may have allergies, the bright green means it easy to spot and also a gentle reminder for the child and the carer. This Product is also brilliant for raising awarness of your childs allergy when in the company of other adults who may offer your child something to eat.

This popular product comes highly recommended as a fun and exciting lunch bag, the design is bright and  colourful and with the fun Professor Wheatly character all over. The keep cool lunch box is eco friendly and extremly helpful.

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