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WonderBaba Review of the Lanaform Charly Humidifier!

warm mist humidifier


So this is just the cutest looking medical device I’ve ever seen! With the Vick Humidifier unavailable at the moment I wanted to find an alternative solution to help our WonderBabas with their chesty coughs, blocked noses and irritated ariways! The Lanaform Charly is an ultrasonic humidifier which uses a high frequency oscillator to divide water into droplets small enough to be delivered as a mist by its fanning system.  What this basically means is that it’s a humidifier which doesn’t heat up the room!

Humidifiers are great for adding moisture to the air – if the air is too dry mucus membranes can become dry which leads to thicker mucus and more sensitive airways.  Using a humidifier can help to ease the discomfort of a chesty  cough or blocked nose and can help to soothe dry airways in a tickly cough.  To parents a priority I guess, if you are like me, this means a more restful sleep for everyone!! It also reduces the risk of infection as bacteria thrive in thickened mucus so it solves a lot of problems for a such cute looking friendly bear!

Good things to know about this device include:

  • Bigger capacity than the Vicks – holding a cool 5L of water which means up to 17 hours of use from one fill.
  • Water can be left in the device for two days but then must be changed for fresh tap water.
  • Lanaform Charly HumidifierThe device needs to be cleaned every three days – you can clean the tank with water or a soft cloth with vinegar.  Rinse the tank clean with water before use.  To clean the transducer (shown clearly in instruction book!) you drop a couple of drops of vinegar on it and leave for five mins then gently brush it with a soft toothbrush and then rinse!
  • The device comes with a little oil container into which you can place a few drops of essential oils such as Olbas for Children.  This is really useful for blocked noses as it stops the mucus from hardening and causing night time breathing issues!
  • The big pro of this device is how quiet it is!  The fan is much quieter than the vicks model. My kids never seem to be bothered by noise in their room – sometimes I think they even find it soothing – but if your child likes a bit of peace then this is a great device for them!
  • It has a dial so that you can increase or decrease the amount of mist dispersed.  I like to set it low whilst they are falling asleep and then ramp it up until I am going to bed myself!
  • It doesn’t give off any heat which is good from a safety point of view but obviously children are still not recommended to have access to it as its still an electrical product.
  • It turns off by itself which means you can go to bed without wondering what will happen when the water runs out if you only partially fill it!

All in all this product provides great relief from coughs and colds with its instant soothing moisture and aromatherapy option! I’m a big believer in trying natural options first ,especially when kids are involved!  I use the Salin Salt therapy device for prevention of coughs and colds which really does eliminate a lot of them but for the odd one that crops up this device is a real sleep saver!!!  It’s also useful for expectant mums suffering with nasal congestion or coughs themselves!


This Wonder Product is available to buy on offer by clicking here!


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