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Post Category: breast feeding

WonderBaba Haakaa Breast Pump Review!

The Haakaa pump was something I didn’t know about when I was breast feeding my three.  I really wish I had! It’s a revolutionary product which can be used to catch additional milk whilst your feeding or in place of an electric pump whilst travelling or out and about!

I never recommend a product that I haven’t tried on myself or my own children so clearly with this product I had a bit of an issue and so I recruited a couple of WonderBaba followers through a facebook competition who are currently breastfeeding to provide a practical, no nonsense and honest review!

The Haakaa pump is made from 100% soft food grade silicone which makes it comfortable to use.  It is a convenient small size so perfect for handbags or changing bags on the go!  Conveniently it can be washed in the dishwasher and can be sterilised by sitting it in boiling water.  Its smooth shape without multiple parts, wires or batteries makes it easy to clean and use (no fiddling with a zillion parts whilst your boobs are about to burst-speaking from experience myself on that part!!).  It is BPA, PVC and phthalate free.   I personally think I would go for the one with the suction base as it means it won’t fall over and none of that hard earned milk will spill causing tears for both you and your baby!!

When using the Haakaa pump it can be helpful to place a warm flannel on top of your breast if your at home to help get the milk flowing – also massage the top of your breast.  You may need to adjust the pump a couple of times to apply suction and then once it is secure you just squeeze the base of the pump to stimulate flow! Ensure you don’y squeeze the top or you will interfere with the suction and it may fall off. You can use the pump on the opposite side to which your feeding to catch all let down or other milk which would just otherwise be lost to a breast pad or your top!

Now I will introduce you to Laura and Miriam so you can see how they got on with their Haakaa pumps after the WonderBaba Competition!

Laura’s Review

‘Let me start by saying with 5 kids I’ve tried a lot of pumps over the years. My youngest was born prematurely and I used electric pumps when he was small.  I gave up pumping when he was 6 months old as I just wasn’t get the output from it.  I had wanted to try the Haakaa Pump for ages and got it was the youngest was 10 months. I expected to get very little output from it but I was pleasantly surprised!

 It’s so easy to use and clean and each session I was nearly filling it each time with minimal effort. Yes it takes a few goes to get the correct suction going but once you do it’s brilliant. What’s more it’s discreet and doesn’t require any electricity. Great for those rushed pumping sessions at work.
I wish I had this pump when the kids were smaller it would have made huge difference.’


‘I’m getting on great with it! It is such a simple device but so effective and I think is genius for what it is meant to do….to catch the let down on the breast the baby is not feeding at.
Important to note that it is not a pump and I would recommend it for people who have a very good supply, otherwise it would prove frustrating. I have a very strong let down and was always getting soaked from the free breast, with milk pouring into cloths & pads etc which is such a waste. So with the Haakaa I can catch about 3oz from the free breast, with little or no effort.
It is so simple to use and to clean. No small parts and pieces, and it can be used with just one hand, so ideal for when you are feeding a baby.
All in all I’m really impressed with it and will continue to use it while I’m feeding. And would definitely recommend it for those who have a very good supply and suffer from leaky boobs at letdown 😁 ‘
Reading the girl’s reviews just further convinces me that the Haakaa pump would have been of great benefit to me whilst breastfeeding my three WonderBabas and so I wanted to write this article to spread the word in a hope that other mums will benefit from their positive experience! It is also clear that it’s best to catch let down and leaking milk, it doesn’t seem to work as well as an electric pump replacement – more of an add on! I struggled with supply so anything that would help to stimulate milk production would have been useful to me. Also anything that makes breastfeeding easier can only be a good thing!
I also love the Haakaa flower stopper which you can pop in to keep your milk clean and prevent spilling whilst you are finishing off a feed or alternatively you can use a Haakaa lid (but its worth noting this does not seal tight so is not suitable as a closure for when your on the move!)
The Haakaa breast pump and Haakaa range are available by clicking here!
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Author: WonderBaba Blog

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