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Wonder Review – Uriage Soin Peri-Oral Cream & Cu-Zn+ Spray!


I was going to review the Soin Peri-Oral cream on its own but as the week started I realised there was another product which would compliment the treatment of my sons dribble rash and so I decided to use them both in combination!  The other product, which I have mentioned in blogs before, is the Uriage Cu-Zn+ Spray.  I will explain the reason that I think these products go hand in hand together now!

There are two areas which dribble rash affects – the first is the area directly surrounding the mouth (the peri-oral area) and the other is the folds in the skin under the baby’s chin.  Dribble leaks from the oral cavity and can remain undetected in skin folds under the chin causing all sorts of irritation to your baby’s skin!  I think two different products are required in this situation as you want a cream which will create a good barrier, yet also treat the irritation to be applied around the mouth and then a spray ,which is much easier to apply, and will absorb excess moisture from the skin folds under the chin and on the neck area.  Saying that if your baby doesn’t have as many skin folds under their chin as my little fella you will probably get away with just using the cream!

Dribble rash can become worse at times of teething or illness but I’ll cover that more in a specific blog soon.  Today I suppose I just want to let you know about the two products which I tried out after spotting the dreaded rash in my 4 month olds skin.  Getting before and after pictures was a little tricky so excuse the poor photography – I would have needed a third hand to get a shot of his neck so we will have to make do with the peri – oral area!

dribble rash beforeThe peri-oral area (thats the skin around the mouth!)

Uriage Soin Peri-Oral Cream

This is a lovely cream which contains Uriage thermal water and the patented TLR2-Regul Complex.  It contains copper and zinc which really work well to calm red and irritated skin.  These two ingredients are probably the main reason this cream reduces rash and irritation so quickly. product_main_uriage-bebe-soin-peri-oral It also contains silicates and polydecenes (non sticky emollients) which help to protect and repair the skin and act by improving the skins own natural barrier – which lets face it needs to be at the top of its game when dribble rash is concerned!  It also contains aloe vera which is thought to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.  This cream is preservative and fragrance free which is so important for dribble rash as the skin is already inflamed so using anything which may worsen the situation would be a disaster!  As with any cream or lotion being used on a baby I still recommend a patch test before use – this means just apply a small amount to a small area and leave it for up to 24 hours to ensure it agrees with your baby and does not cause any reaction.  Honestly though the Uriage range is made for people with irritated skin, that’s why I love it so much, so its really unlikely to be an issue!  This cream is light and absorbs really easily into the skin.  It should have effect for up to 24 hours, but because I recommend using a water wipe to clean the whole area every couple of hours when dribble rash is present then its no harm to reapply it more frequently!

This cream worked within a week (less actually – it was just a couple of days!) – my baby had a mild case as we caught it in time – I have no doubt though that this cream would be as effective on severe irritation.

Uriage Soin Peri-Oral is available to purchase by clicking here!

Under the chin and neck area:

uriage-cu-zn-spray-anti-irritations-100mlUriage Cu-Zn+ Spray

This is a fine fluid spray which is also based on the soothing patented TLR2 -Regul Complex which is unique to Uriage.  It also contains copper and zinc which have healing properties and the smectite, which is a natural clay, will help to absorb any moisture causing irritation. I like this so much because its so easy to apply compared to a cream when you are treating an area like under the chin and in the skin folds.  No offence to my babies but every one of them has had quite a few little folds under their neck and dribble unfortunately can find its way there and cause irritation to the skin.  The air cannot get to this area to dry it out and the moist warm environment can irritate the skins surface and also be a very appealing area for infections to thrive in!

This is brilliant for dribble rash but also, nappy rash and bad patches of eczema etc. It can be used on skin which is weeping from irritation. Once you spray it on you don’t see it and its fragrance and paraben free!     This is available to buy by clicking here!

afterjpegfullOverall I’m delighted to have tried out these products even though my son’s rash was not too bad but I know it would be getting progressively worse if I had not intervened as at four months of age he has a serious amount of teething and drooling to do!! I will definitely be using these products ongoing and am happy to recommend them to you.

All of our Uriage products are available by clicking here 

I hope you have found this information helpful and as always don’t hesitate to contact me on the WonderBaba Facebook page( with any questions or for one to one advice for your little one! You can also consult with me in person at Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy in Dublin 6 or over the phone on 012600262.

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