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Post Category: Newborn Health

Wonder Review – Uriage Cradle Cap Cream and Shampoo!

cradle cap treatment

Cradle cap is the name given to flaky, yellowish patches of skin which occur on a babies scalp usually within the first three months of their lives. The cause is not fully understood but it usually clears by the time a child reaches two or three years of age. It may last just a few weeks or even a few months. It does not generally cause any discomfort for the baby. It can however look quite unpleasant and, if the scales are picked at, it can leave your child vulnerable to an infection of the skin.

As a part of my journey to learn more about the Uriage Skincare range I decided to try the 1er Shampoo and the Soin croutes de lait Cradle Cap Cream.  I suppose it is one of the products I’m most interested as not only does my 12 week old baby boy have a touch of cradle cap developing, I also have been fighting a losing battle with my two and a half year old’s scalp for literally two years now!  I figured the best test of the cradle cap cream would be on my daughter and I decided to try the shampoo on all three of my kids!  Here you will see a “before” picture of my daughters scalp.

Cradle cap before treatment.

As you can see she has a fairly prominent case of cradle cap and we have tried so many products over the last few years and haven’t really gotten anything to get it under control.  I have to say there are a few products which worked really well for months, but then it still seemed to come back even with ongoing product application.  No doubt she will grow out of it in the next year or so but it still bothers me as it can be quite scaly and flaky at times.

The 1er Shampoo is a soap free hypo-allergenic product which both washes and untangles your child’s hair.  This was very useful to me as I was treating a 2 and a half year old and brushing her hair can sometimes be a struggle when she’s not in the humour! It contains Uriage thermal Spa Water which is known for its healing, soothing, softening and moisturising properties.  Pretty much everything you’re looking for in a baby and children’s shampoo – and importantly it is paraben free.  This means it’s less likely to cause skin irritation or allergy.  It doesn’t sting their eyes – this I can say for sure as honestly I don’t know how anyone manages to get their child to hold their head back willingly to get shampoo washed out! Uriage has a really high level of silicon in its thermal water which has a filmogenic affect and improves and compliments your baby’s natural skin barrier. It does form a bit of a lather and it’s a clear shampoo which feels like its really leaving your child’s hair nice and clean – which after several applications of cradle cap cream is quite a good thing.  It has the same AMAZING smell as the lovely Cleansing water we tried out last week (  I really only have positive things to say about this product and if your child has sensitive skin it is definitely a good choice to make – It is pricey at €13 a bottle but a little does go a long way and the smell and quality of it does give it a luxurious feel which sometimes I feel is lacking in other sensitive skin shampoos.  If you want to pamper your baby but also be kind to their skin – then this is your product. If you would like to read more about this product or purchase it click here!

So, that brings me onto the most exciting part of this weeks trial!  The Cradle Cap Cream (formally named Soin Croutes de lait) Well this is certainly a cream of Wonder! As you have seen above I was dealing with a bad enough and persistent case of cradle cap – nothing was shaking it…now here is the after pic!!

cradle cap horizontal correct
Cradle cap after treatment

The results are impressive and speak for themselves – it works – there is no doubting that! But I suppose most importantly what is it like to use? Half of my problem with applying olive oil etc is that its pretty greasy and yucky looking in their hair. Obviously in theory I would put it on at night and wash it out the next morning but seriously….WonderMama I am not…. I’m lucky if I can get them dressed in the morning never mind bathed with washed and hair dried! So….Uriage advise to apply it over night and rinse it -to be honest I applied it in the morning and rinsed it out in the evening when I had time – and to be really really honest there were a couple of the evenings where it literally got a rinse – not a full shampoo! Even with my poor hair dressing skills my little girl was walking around looking as gorgeous as ever! This cream was light and non greasy which is great considering its there to treat a scaly flaky skin condition! I loaded it on and admittedly it was a little greasier than normal – her hair is normally super fluffy and light – but it was extremely presentable and I didn’t have to fear going outside and looking as if we haven’t washed in several weeks!! Again there are cheaper options than this product (€13) on the market but similarly to the shampoo I think what you are paying for is ease of use, luxury, and effectiveness. It gets a thumbs up from me! To read more about this product or purchase it click here!

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