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Wonder Review – Angelcare Monitor AC403!

angel-care-ac-403dI bought this monitor when I was expecting my first baby as I’m a real worrier and needed peace of mind – that is what I got from this product.  It functions really well as a regular sound detection monitor but has the added benefit of also being able to detect movement – if there is no movement for twenty seconds the parent unit of the monitor will alarm to alert you.  This monitor has the ability to detect even the smallest of motions such as breathing.  All you have to do is place the sensor pad correctly (read provided instructions) under your baby’s mattress, turn on the nursery unit and then turn on the parent unit.  You can increase or decrease the sensitivity of both the sound settings and the sensor pad to suit your requirements.  Without naming any names….one of my daughters was quite the little snorer….from a very early age! I just couldn’t sleep through it so we adjusted the sound setting down so that it only detected cries and not little sounds like snoring or grunting!! She’s a princess now I promise 😉  That way we were still getting sound from the parent unit when she cried and we had the reassurance of the sensor pad to be confident she was safe and well.  There are times of course when your baby will manage to wriggle to the absolute opposite end of the bed and so the pad will give off a false alarm – this is annoying I will admit – I have leapt out of my bed on a couple of occasions to find the girls snoring happily in the most ridiculous of positions as far from the sensor pad as they could manage! But I have no shadow of any doubt that the peace of mind which we got 99% of the time helped me and my husband to sleep soundly and assured us that our little ones were doing the same!

Some handy features of the products would definitely consider pro’s:

  • Battery life on the parent unit is really good – up to about 8 hours.  I’ve had different monitors which just did not live up to this standard.
  • Parent unit has a clip so you can slip it into your pocket for when you are frantically running around the house trying to get the laundry done and the dishes sorted in the small window of opportunity you have before the baby wakes again!!
  • Really good range – Up to 100 metres indoors and 250 metres outdoors (although unless you plan on leaving  your baby at the far end of the park I cant see a use for this!!)
  • 8 different channels and two frequency’s – this means that there is minimal chance of interference. I found this really useful if going to stay with family etc where there were several monitors on the go – we could all pick a different channel and there would be no confusion! Mind you we did confuse the parent units on occasion but I was never fooled into thinking the crying baby at 3am was mine… hem!
  • Angelcare AC403 NightlightVibration alert and alert sound control – there’s times when there is a lot of back ground noise and its reassuring to know you will definitely hear the loud alarm and there’s times when you want to be gently awoken from your slumber!
  • The parent unit tells you what temperature it is in the room where your baby is sleeping.  This allows you to ensure they are not getting too hot or too cold and you can adjust their clothing and blankets accordingly.
  • The nursery unit has a little night light which is good when you are going in to sneak a peak at your precious little bundle before hitting off to bed! Its also handy if you want to do a very dimly light nappy change – i’d recommend this as you want as little stimulation as possible during night time feeds and changes to encourage good sleeping habits.
  • If you have a power failure the nursery and parent unit will automatically kick into battery mode so that if your house looses power during the night without you noticing you will still be alerted to your babies needs.

All in all I really like this product.  I think its a great reassurance for worried mums and anything that helps me fall asleep quicker in between feeds can only be a good thing! I will say that by baby number two I didn’t use the sensor pad as much when they were a little bigger but that was fine as this monitor functions perfectly well as a sound activated monitor when the pad is unplugged.

This monitor is available to purchase here :

websitefeetlogoIf you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me through the WonderBaba page ( or by calling me at Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy in Dublin 6 on 01-2600262.


Author: WonderBaba Blog

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