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Real Lives: Direct Provision with Let’s Match Mums

A WonderBaba Podcast
A WonderBaba Podcast
Real Lives: Direct Provision with Let's Match Mums

Real Lives: Direct Provision with Let’s Match Mums

In this episode I speak to Louisamay Hanrahan from Let’s Match Mums.  Let’s Match Mums offers great support to mums in direct provision in Ireland.  Not only that, It’s scale is increasing all of the time with more mums signing up.  Support is possible outside of the confines of direct provision also!

The Let‘s Match Mums initiative was set up by asylum seekers & locals in Ireland to provide the opportunity to mothers to connect with mothers in their community & take part in the pass the parcel that happens between mothers with their baby clothes & items.

Putting Good Traditions to Great Use!

I don’t think there’s many parents in Ireland who aren’t part of some sort of kids clothes ‘hand me down’ cycle! I am always happy to see a bag of previously loved kids clothes coming my way! Half of the time they are barely worn!  I also pass on all of my children’s clothing which is in good condition and has plenty of life in it yet! Let’s Match Mums is a fantastic idea to put preloved clothes and toys to good use.  Parent’s benefit by feeling great about passing on items with the knowledge that they will be much appreciated.  Nobody likes to see waste, and the baby market is full of it!  Receiving mums who have matched in Let’s Match Mums are all in need of support and if they are living in Direct Provision in Ireland, clothes can be an unaffordable challenge.

Louisemay Hanrahan

Louisemay started Let’s Match Mums after seeing the desperate need of mums in direct provision.  I was so delighted to chat and hear about the fantastic benefits this idea offers.  Let’s Match Mums benefits the mum in DP, the Mum giving, the environment and so much more.  I was really grateful to learn how direct provision works in Ireland.  Sadly I was shocked and upset by how inadequate a system it is.  There is much talk of improvement and I hope the urgency maintains even though there are many areas which need rapid government attention.

Sign Up to Match Here!

I have signed up and can honestly say it is a really easy process!

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