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Post Category: Medicines Information

MenB Vaccine – Update!

This is now included in the current national childhood schedule.  Babies born on or after the 1st October 2016 have been offered the vaccine as part of the standard childhood schedule.  Babies born before the 1st October 2016 remain unvaccinated unless you have brought them for a private vaccination separate to the normal schedule.  I am not currently aware of any plans to vaccinate those children who were born before the vaccine was introduced in 2016 so if you want your child vaccinated please speak with your GP.  I will update this blog if I hear any further developments from the HSE.  As the vaccine is not covered under the childhood scheme for those born before october 2016 you will have to pay for this vaccination and costs can vary but including administration can be between 140-170 euro per dose. Children born before the vaccine was introduced will need two doses with at least one month between each dose.

Here is the product patient information leaflet if you require further information-

This is a very safe and effective vaccine which is NOT a live vaccine.  It is common for babies (under one year) to suffer from a fever after this vaccine and so it is recommended to give your baby 2.5mls (60mg) of liquid infant paracetamol (120mg/5mls) e.g Calpol at the time of the injection, again 4-6 hours after the first dose, and then once again 4-6 hours after the second dose of paracetamol.  This is a total of three doses of paracetamol after each MenB vaccine.  The first MenB vaccine is at two months of age and the second is at four months of age.   Calpol is recommended NOT Ibuprofen (nurofen).  If your baby continues to have a temperature or seems unwell then you should seek medical advice.

Please note that the recommendation to give paracetamol (Calpol) after vaccination only applies to babies under one year who are more affected by the side effect of potential fever.


To learn more about meningitis read this blog –

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Author: WonderBaba Blog

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