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One of the most distressing experiences for both a newborn and their parents! It’s a word that is often thrown around and used to describe the symptoms of an unsettled newborn! It really only describes a prolonged period of a few weeks where a baby is crying for more than three hours per day more than three days per week. Every baby gets unsettled from time to time but colic usually kicks in during the evening and can be very hard to endure!

What is colic
A colicky baby will generally look very tense and will draw its knees up to its chest and tighten it’s fists. A colicky baby is one which is having difficulty with its digestion and is experiencing discomfort, this can be due to its little tummy just not being developed enough to cope with food just yet or in some cases can be due to a deficiency in the enzyme used to break down lactase.
Traditionally gripe water would have been used but since this is currently unavailable I would recommend trying two other treatments!
  • The first is infacol – known as the magic drops in our house! It breaks down larger bubbles of air in the babies tummy to make it easier for them to pass through the digestive system. Be warned though as the wind will come out one way or another!! It’s in a handy dropper bottle and is easy to give before a feed – tastes like orange – my girls loved it!
  •  The second type of treatment is colief or lactase drops, these contain a natural enzyme which helps to break down lactase. It can be added to breast milk or formula. Both of these treatments are suitable from birth.  Speak to your local pharmacist or phone me on 00353-12600262 to find out more.
 Other treatments
  • Winding a baby more regularly (approx every 1oz of formula or 5 mins of a breast feed) by rubbing their back and holding them upright will also help.
  • In my own experience the best solution to easing your babies discomfort in the evenings was using one of these products and then using a sling or carrier to ‘wear’ your baby around the house. It’s a convenient way of providing constant cuddles and reassurance and keeps your baby is an upright position which aids digestion!
I never imagined I’d be a sling wearer but I can assure you that they are pure magic when one baby needs cuddles and you have a list of jobs a mile long and a toddler who wants to play Lego!
If you find your babies feeding is disrupted by discomfort or are in any way concerned please don’t hesitate to call me at Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy or contact me through the WonderBaba face book page (

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My name is Sheena Mitchell and I'm a pharmacist with my own business Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy in Dublin 6. From working in the pharmacy I've realised that there are a lot of first time and experienced moms who might benefit from hints and tips from a pharmacist who can balance healthcare advice with real hands on experience from my important work as a mother of two! I hope to bring you regular advice and information and answer questions that you have! Being a mother and pharmacist are my two favorite things and I'm delighted to have this way of bringing my two worlds together! All questions and queries are gratefully received but otherwise sit back, relax, and let the solutions come to you!

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