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Post Category: Oral Hygiene

A WonderBaba Review of the Matchstick Monkey Teether!

matchstick monkey review

The Matchstick Monkey is leading the way in the teething toy market every since  poor Sophie La Girafe took a little tumble from her pedestal. I suppose it’s only natural that many parents would rather a teething toy without a squeak feature which ultimately leads to the possibility of mould growing within the toy if the product is washed a certain way.  The Matchstick Monkey certainly is cute enough, effective enough and brave enough to stand up to the challenge!

The great thing about this teether is that it is not just a teether! It can also be used to apply teething gels and granules to the hard to reach areas at the back of your baby’s gums and can also be used as a training toothbrush! It really is great value for money and a ‘toy’ that your child will get many months, if not years, of use and enjoyment from!

So from a babies perspective it’s easy to hold, soft to chew on, fun to look at, and it helps to relieve their pain! Whats more it can work with a soother clip so that they can throw it to their hearts content without breaking yours!!  It’s a charming, helpful and interesting product that will soothe their teething pain which will take one headache away from you!

From a parent’s perspective this toy is BPA free and suitable for babies from 3 months to 3 years.  Teething gel or granules can be placed on the back of the monkeys little head which will help your baby to reach sore areas with the gel all by themselves without a risk of a bite to your fingers!! The back of the head is textured resembling a miniature form of a bumpy toothbrush head which would be useful to use with a tiny bit of baby toothpaste as they get a little older. Most importantly, it is easy to clean in hot soapy water, or better still it is dishwasher safe! The shape and easy grip design was cleverly thought out and will help your baby develop their hand dexterity and fine motor skills.

The multipurpose use, hygienic, practical and baby appealing features of this product give it a big thumbs up from me!  I’ve included a couple of pics in this blog of my very special little helper Oisin trying out the product (my own trio are past the teething stage) as of course some things are better on paper than in real life! He has to be the cutest product tester I’ve ever recruited who hasn’t been bound by family duty 😉  The Matchstick Monkey measured up on every front and Oisin’s mum was delighted by the relief and entertainment it gave him as well as the peace and quiet it gave her!

This product is available through my online shop by clicking right here!  It makes a great gift too due to its cute nature and hygienic features and is definitely not ‘just another teether’!

cropped-websitefeetlogo.pngI hope you have found this article helpful and if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact me by sending a private message to the WonderBaba facebook page  or my website contact page  or by calling me (Sheena) at Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy in Dublin 6 on 012600262.

Author: WonderBaba Blog

My name is Sheena Mitchell and I'm a pharmacist with my own business Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy in Dublin 6. From working in the pharmacy I've realised that there are a lot of first time and experienced moms who might benefit from hints and tips from a pharmacist who can balance healthcare advice with real hands on experience from my important work as a mother of two! I hope to bring you regular advice and information and answer questions that you have! Being a mother and pharmacist are my two favorite things and I'm delighted to have this way of bringing my two worlds together! All questions and queries are gratefully received but otherwise sit back, relax, and let the solutions come to you!